Buchkritik: Buzz Aldrin: Magnificent desolation

Neil slowed the Eagle even more, searching ... searching ... we'd come so far, surely there was a safe place where we could come down.

Then I saw it - the shadow of one of the three footpads that had touched the surface. Although our engine was still running and the Eagle was hovering, a probe had touched the surface. "Contact light," I said. Neil and I looked at each other with a stolen glance of relief and immense satisfaction. The LM settled gently, and we stopped moving. After flying for more than four days, it was a strange sensation to be suddenly stationery. "Shutdown," I heard Neil say.

"Okay, engine stopped," I answered.

It was 4:17 pm (EDT) on July 20, 1969, and we had less than twenty seconds worth of fuel remaining, but we were on the moon.

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